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In 2017, I released my debut EP "Love to a Mortal" which marked the beginning of my brief but memorable career as an independent singer-songwriter. I decided to bring that journey to an end in 2021 and started my career as a professional voice over artiste in 2022. 

My music and videos are still available on all streaming platforms.

Davina Oriakhi 09 2019 6.jpg

During my time as an Independent Singer Songwriter, I released 2 EPs, and a plethora of singles. I got to work with amazing producers, writers and singers. All my music can be found on all streaming platforms.

With those songs, I was blessed with opportunities to shoot music videos for a lot of them. I worked with the loveliest people from videographers, make up artistes, costume designers, and my friends :)

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I was blessed to be able to share my songs on world stages in the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

"Life, Love & Affirmations" was a passion project I started during the pandemic, birthed from love of sharing stories, life lessons and affirmations to my fans through newsletter voicenotes.

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