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Hi I’m Davina, and I’m a passionate Voice over artist, singer songwriter. I love to bring words to life with music, acting and narration.


I specialise in voice over, voice acting and audiobook narration and production specifically for childrens books, kids animation, childrens songs and nursery rhymes. I also have experience with video game trailers, youtube ads and promos for various products, jingles, tutorial video narration and much more.


Years of a plethora of experiences have prepared me for the work that I love to do today. After gathering experience as a radio host at two of the top radio stations in Abuja, Nigeria (KissFM & CoolFM), and live show hosts for various events in Abuja, I moved back to my birth city, London, and got my Masters Degree in Media and Communications in 2015. Since then, (in between/on the side of my corporate 9-5 as a HR/Recruitment professional) I have worked with children in family centres, nurseries, churches, primary schools, as a teacher activities coordinator, and dance teacher. I have been an independent singer songwriter since 2017, with various releases on Spotify, Apple music and many other streaming platforms, performing in intimate and large spaces such as O2 Islington, London.


I have a home studio and my main DAW is Logic Pro X.

I understand the importance of communication and turnaround times when working with clients and always put my best foot forward. Client Satisfaction is my priority!

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Voice Over Reel - Animation & Kids ProductionDavina Oriakhi
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Corporate Voice Over DemoDavina Oriakhi
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Children's Audiobook SampleDavina Oriakhi
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